Holiday gifts for the fitness enthusiast

Over the last couple of years I’ve really gotten into living a healthy lifestyle. I’ve also become very interested in all the fun gismos and gadgets that are out there to add to my love of fitness. Here are some ideas gift ideas for that fitness enthusiast in your life for the holidays.

  1. Fitness Watches
    There are so many different fitness watches out there and I don’t claim to be an expert on any of them but I’m going to highlight a few for you that I’ve found and that seem to be the most popular.


At it’s most basic, and at the lower end of the price scale is the polar watch. With this watch you can wear it as an every day piece and then when you’re ready to track your workouts you just add the chest strap. I thought it would be pretty uncomfortable but I realized that half the time I didn’t even know it was there. I even left it on for an entire day one time because I forgot about it.

The watch can track your calorie burn based off of a fit test you do when you get the watch. It also provides continuous heart rate monitoring during your workout and can tell you how you’re doing comparatively to previous workouts. You can pick up a watch like this for around $60-$70 on Amazon for the more basic version.


12333202_10153781857038415_1677154168_o The Jawbone is another fitness tracker I really like because they have come out with designs that look more like jewelry as opposed to a lot of the other bulky ones out there. The Jawbone can track your steps, calories burned, and distance. It can also monitor things like your sleep patterns including quality of sleep, REM sleep and deep sleep. You can also connect an app and track your food intake and will offer personalized feedback and help you make healthier choices. One thing I like the best is that it will give you a friendly buzz reminder if you have been inactive for too long. A Jawbone will run around  $50-$120 depending on how fancy and how many features you want.


And last but not least is the fitbit. The fitbit offers continuous, automatic, wrist-based heart rate monitoring as well as the ability to track workouts, distance, calories burned, floors climbed, active minutes and steps. It too can monitor your sleep automatically and wake with a silent alarm. One of the parts I like the most is that you can see call notifications, daily stats and time of day on the OLED display. You can sync stats wirelessly and automatically to your computer and over 150 leading smartphones. So pretty much any phone can be used with it. There are a few different versions that have larger screens including the fitbit surge which can also let you scroll through music during workouts and see who’s calling. The fitbit is on the higher end of the price scale and can be anywhere from $80-$200.


2.  Wireless headphones

I have tried out quite a few different pairs of headphones. Expensive, cheap and in between. These are my favorite!

12325442_10153781856848415_1563032132_nThese are the JBL Bluetooth wireless headphones. They cost me about $70 at Best Buy about a year ago. I absolutely love them. They stay in my ears really well. The sound quality is great. They are easy to charge with a micro USB and I don’t leave with a headache after wearing them for an hour plus long workout. They also don’t fall out when I run or do plyometrics. Another great plus!


3. Stocking stuffers

Here are some small and inexpensive ideas for stocking stuffers for the fitness lover in your life.









-Shaker bottles are always disappearing in my house so I can never have enough. I like these because they have a piece on the bottom that allows you to put a scoop of powder in it for easy transport or you can put vitamins, preworkouts, postworkouts, and more.

-My hair is always in my face and headbands keep me sane. I am not one of those women who can wear their hair down at the gym or while running and look spectacular. To those of you who can, I envy you 😉 Headbands are my lifesaver. I have found most of mine at places like ROSS, Marshalls, Kohls and Target. You can also support small businesses and find a lot of them on Etsy.

-Whoever created the beanie with a hole in it for a ponytail is a genius!! I live in the mountains and it is cold. Even during the summer months there can be some chilly mornings. And again, I can not have my hair hanging down on my neck during workouts. So this is the perfect gift to keep someone warm while keeping their hair off their neck and out of their face.

-Resistance bands are great to add to your home workout gym because they are small, portable and so versatile. You can pretty much work every body part with these bands. I have about 5 different ones that all provide different levels of resistance depending on what I’m working on. These are also great for travel and they are lightweight and compact.

4. Workout apparel

This one area where I tend to spend way too much money. Don’t tell my husband 😉 I think I may own more
workout pants than jeans. I could pretty much live in yoga pants and leggings and I would be happy. Places like
ROSS and Kohls will usually have pretty good deals but if you want to spend a little more and get a little better
quality then here are a couple of my faves.


These pants are by J Fit Active Wear. They have tons of different styles, colors, fits, and patterns. They are made of really good quality material and fit incredibly well. They haven’t stretched out or lost their elasticity even with how many times I’ve worn them. I love these pants and love when they have a sale going on. Here’s the link to check them out.

J Fit Active Wear





And for the woman in your life who is a little bit curvier and has a little more in the back (if you know what I mean), I love these!!! These are Celestial Bodiez Booty Scrunch pants. They are tailored to fit the woman who has a few more curves. They come in a high waist and low waist version along with tons of great colors and patterns. They are super comfortable and are also made of great material. These are perfect for my body and are some of my favorite ones.

Booty Scrunch



I wouldn’t mind having any of these items show up for the holidays and anyone who is truly into fitness will love these too!! Do them a favor and check out some of these awesome items. Happy Holidays!!