Transform 20 is almost here!

Are you ready???? I know I am. And to be honest, I didn’t think I would be. I am currently 26 weeks pregnant and had no intention of doing this program. I mean, how was my pregnant self going to do a crazy Shaun T workout? Well then I got a chance to try it. I modified like crazy, but I loved it and now I’m hooked!

Who is Transform 20 for?
Really…it’s for anyone. You can follow the modifier or even modify what the modifier is doing. 20 minute workouts make it great for anyone that is busy and usually has the excuse that they have no time (that totally used to be me). 

What equipment do I need?
A step. Not your old school one, but you could use it if you had it. The one that comes with program is a lot shorter in length than your typical step. Or you don’t need to use any equipment. I won’t be using a step while I’m pregnant. I’ve already fallen down stairs a couple of times being pregnant, so we’re gonna hold off on the step.

Is there a meal plan?
Of course!!! Full meal plan and you have the option to use the 2B Mindset if you’d like. The meal plan will be based off the Portion Fix system, which means lots of yummy food and no starvation. Personally, I love eating from the portion control system but 2B Mindset has been amazing also. Your choice!

Will I get support?
You bet your booty you will! We have a private group just for you, to get the continued support you need. 

Wanna see some awesome transformations?

Are you ready to get started?
Email, subject: T20, for more details and to reserve your spot. 

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