The Mom Powered Life

I’ve been wanting to start a podcast for forever!!! Yet, something kept holding me back. There were a lot of excuses such as time, money, not having the right picture for my cover photo, lack of knowledge. But in the end the true reason was that I was afraid. It was FEAR! Who would listen? What value do I have to bring? What would I even talk about? Would anyone want to be a guest on my show?

All these fears kept creeping in my head. Until one day I just decided that enough was enough and I was going to do the thing I was scared of. So I sat down and I recorded my first episode. I edited it. I published it. And then I ran away from my computer. Yep! I sure did.

But let me tell you what happened. I got great feedback. People actually listened. People actually wanted to hear more. I got personal messages, and texts, and emails telling me how much they were loving it and how real it was.

I tell you this to encourage you to do what you’re afraid of! Do what the thing that scares you the most because you’re free is probably irrational like mine. Want to start a blog? Do it! Want to start a YouTube channel? Do it! Want to start a podcast or a business or a new career? Do it! Start living your life in spite of fear!

Here is the welcome episode! I hope you enjoy it! If you did, please rate, review, subscribe and share it with your friends! Welcome to the Mom Powered Life!


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