My Journey with Intermittent Fasting

As I sit here writing this I am honestly astonished that this is something I would ever write about. I am the woman who preached breakfast is the best meal of the day, and that you should eat every few hours to keep your metabolism up. That extremes were bad and balance is what we strive for.

But I was also that woman suffering from binge eating, emotional eating, stress eating, and any other type of eating. If there was a reason to eat I would do it. All while preaching that about balance. I would stay “on track” for a few days or even a week and then the binge would happen. I can’t even imagine how many times I did this. I tried over and over and over and I just kept “falling off the wagon”.

If you’re looking for the science behind Intermittent Fasting (IF) then I encourage you to look somewhere else. If you want to know what this has done for me and why I am going to stick to it then keep reading.

So when I started this whole thing I just knew I needed to do something different. After having my second child, dealing with a tumultuous year with my father’s health and then death, and the ups and downs that life had to hand me, I was DONE! But that also meant I was open to new things. Opening my mind to things I had never tried before.

Which brings me to IF. I got the chance to take part in an exclusive group of coaches which included some of the top coaches in our company. We all committed to eliminating things from our life for 30 days. It started as eliminating things like processed foods, grains, negativity, drama, and most of all…EXCUSES! And it turned into so much more.

So maybe you’re wondering what the hell is IF? In a nutshell it’s increasing the amount of time that you are not consuming food. The thought process behind it (again if you want the science I’m sure you can find it), is that when in a state of fasting your body will use fat for fuel. For me, my window for eating is roughly 11am-7pm. Some days it’s 10:30, and some days it’s 7:30. It really depends on my kid’s bed time and the type of workout I’ve done. Leg day gets me hungry a little sooner.

As a Beachbody coach I have come to use the portion controlled container system along with Shakeology and my at home workout programs. The awesome part was that I could still do all those things. Just in a different window. I get up between 5 and 6am and I drink a large glass of water. I drink my Energize and then get my workout in. This is generally before 9am. After that I have my bulletproof coffee. Some people feel like this breaks the fast and some feel like it doesn’t. For me, I’m going to agree that it doesn’t. After that, I drink water until 11am. This when I have first meal which consists of protein, veggies, carbs, and fats.

Shakeology is my next meal of the day around 2pm. I throw in unsweetened almond milk, one scoop of Shakeology, a serving of fruit, veggies, and ice. Dinner is another round of carbs, protein, veggies and fats. And my last meal of the day is usually an apple with almond butter. Oh, and I add in a shot of Apple Cider Vinegar before bed for good measure.

Since starting IF, I lost 7lbs in 3 weeks. Nothing crazy. Just a steady weight loss. And I did it all through the holidays. I have so much more energy, my skin is clearer, my bloating is gone, and my cravings have subsided sooo much!!! It wasn’t easy to start. I had to ease into it. I had some dizzy spells in the beginning. I didn’t start with such a big time window but I eventually worked my way into it. I feel so much more in control now, which to some may seem crazy. How can a restriction make me feel more controlled. I can’t explain it, but for me I just know that I have my eating window. If it’s outside that window, then I just don’t do it. I have to find better ways to deal with my emotions. Better ways to cope. And when I want to have a celebration with family or friends then I do. I have my wine. I eat my cake. I enjoy life. But the next day I get back with my routine. I get on with life. No more waiting until Monday or downward spirals after a binge. No more guilt after enjoying a night with friends.

If you’ve felt stuck. Felt like nothing is working for you anymore then do your research. Look into IF. Consult with your doctor before trying anything new and know that everyone reacts differently. But for me, this has been a an answer to a prayer. If you’re ready to start your own fitness journey, whether it’s with IF or not, don’t hesitate to reach out to me. Email me at, subject line “I’m ready to be healthy and happy”, and we can talk about your options.

Are you ready to live your happiest and healthiest life yet??


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