80 Day Obsession! Are you ready to be OBSESSED?

OK, OK, I know! Obsessed can sometimes have a bad connotation. But here’s what I’m about to tell you! It is time to Obsessed with your health! Time to be Obsessed with your life! Time to stop letting the rest of the world come before you.

Again, I know. It’s all fine and dandy when someone says to put yourself first, take time for you, etc, etc. I’m a mom of two. I have a 1 year old and a 4 year old. I keep my house afloat. I work as a nurse. I run a business. I’m busy too. But I finally made a decision to give my family the best of me instead of the rest of me. In order for me to be the best that I can be for my family, I need to become OBSESSED!

And this program is how I’m going to do it. This year I’ve giving myself the gift of allowing myself to be obsessed! So you probably want the details. Well, here they are in case you haven’t already heard!

  • Autumn really breaks it down with this program. It focuses on your abs and booty, and let me tell you, IT WORKS! The transformation pictures speak for themselves! Whether you have weight to lose or you just want to tone up this program is for you. You can shed lbs, build lean muscle and you are going to tone your entire body.
  • There are 3 phases of workouts over the course of 13 weeks. In total there are 97 days of workouts because you get Sundays off as a rest day.
  • The workouts range from 45-60 minutes, and as always, there is a modifier.
  • Autumn introduces timed nutrition, which is a macro-nutrient plan that is timed to produce amazing results.

My 80 Day Obsession Challenge Group will be starting workouts on January 15th. I’m going to help you out with the timed nutrition, designing meal plans, sticking with your workouts, troubleshooting, and focusing on YOURSELF!


Spots for my Beta Test Group will be limited as I want to be sure that I can give everyone the attention they deserve. I truly want you to be successful and I know that with this program, the nutrition plan, and the added accountability, you can do this!!

To be considered for this exclusive group email at CoachWeisz@gmail.com, subject: 80 DAY Obsession beta group or click on the image below to be added to my group where you can learn more. I’m so excited and this will be on a first come first serve basis. So I’ll ask you again, Are YOU ready to be OBSESSED?



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