Healthy Halloween Treats!

The holidays are UPON us!!! Basically, Halloween is the start of the holiday season which also means the start of sugar, candy, cakes, parties, get togethers, family, and the dreaded weight gain. So why not do out best to make the holidays fun while still being mindful of what we put in our bodies. Listen, I know that my children will eat candy and so will I, but at least I can be the one parent who brings something just a little more nutritious to the school party.

OK, so here it is! These 6 quick and easy ideas will be cute, festive, delicious, and have more nutritional value than a candy bar.

  1. Boo cheese sticks: Take string cheese and draw 2 circles for eyes on the packaging
  2. Pumpkin cuties: Take mandarin oranges and draw a pumpkin face on the peel
  3. Pumpkin mandarin cup: Buy prepackaged mandarin oranges in cups and draw a pumpkin face on the top. For added creativity you could glue a green stem to the top. I did not do that 😉
  4. Mandarin pumpkins: Peel the mandarins and put a sliver of celery in the top and voila…you have a pumpkin
  5. Boo bananas: Peel a banana and cut it in half. Stick 2 chocolate chips near the top for eyes, add 1 more if you want your ghost to have a mouth
  6. Apple peanut butter teeth: Slice an apple with an apple slicer. Then slice each of those in half lengthwise. Spread peanut butter on the inside of each piece and then layer with marshmallows, or almond slivers, or yogurt covered raisins, and place the 2 halves together to form a mouth.

If you’re more of a visual person like I am then check out the video below. If you enjoy the video please be sure to LIKE, SUBSCRIBE, and COMMENT.

What are your favorite Halloween treats? Comment below and let me know!

Happy Halloween!



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