Egg Cups! A quick and easy breakfast on the go!

Want a quick and easy breakfast? I saw that Starbucks was selling something similar so I figured why not just make my own?
Less than half the price and probably way tastier 
🔥Preheat oven to 350
🔥Spray muffin tin with non stick spray
🔥Line the bottom with a base like spinach leaves or a small piece of bacon
🔥fill tins with cut up veggies. I used onions and bell pepper
🔥crack one egg into each tin and then pierce the yolk to allow the egg to fill the space
🔥bake for 25 minutes
🔥allow them to completely cool before removing them or you risk them falling apart.
2 egg cups=1 red container  and 1/2-1 green container  depending on how many veggies you got in there.

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