Why I CHOSE to stop breastfeeding

When my son was almost 5 months I decided that I  was DONE breastfeeding.

I struggled with this decision and I wanted to share because I know I’m not the only one having these feelings of guilt.


First off let me tell you about our experience with breastfeeding.

-My son latched on great. Other than a few painful days in the beginning we did great

-I had a great supply. I could probably pump and feed 2 kids

-I breastfed my daughter until 9 months

-I didn’t have to go back to work until 12 weeks and even then I only had to work a couple days a month

-I could feed in public and no one would even know. I even figured out how to do it in my ergo


So some of you may be wondering…if I had no issues with breastfeeding, then why did I stop?

To be quite honest, I started to feel trapped. I started to resent having to stop everything I was doing to feed my son. I didn’t like that if I wanted to leave I always had to have a pump with me. I felt like if I could just make it one more day then we would be ok. And then hopefully that would turn into a month and my feelings would change. But they didn’t.

But I kept going. I kept breastfeeding because I felt like I HAD to. Like, how could I be a good mom to my son if I didn’t breastfeed him when I have no excuse not to? What would my family think? What would my husband think? What would my friends think? Would I be hurting my son by not doing it? How could I still have that bonding moment with him?

I’m sharing this with you for 2 reasons!

  1. I completely support breastfeeding. I think it’s an amazing thing and a woman should be able to nourish her baby when and where she wants to for as long as she wants to whether that is 3 days or 3 years
  2. I want other moms to know that they aren’t alone if they have these feelings. And that however you CHOOSE or are ABLE to nourish your baby is your choice.


Don’t ever feel judged if you don’t want to breastfeed!

Don’t ever feel judged if you want to breastfeed your child until they’re a toddler

Don’t feel judged if you choose to cloth diaper or use disposable diapers

Don’t feel judged if you choose to go back to work or you choose to stay home

Don’t feel judged if you give your kids goldfish crackers or organic crackers 😉


Love your children and make sure they know that they are loved. My son snuggles with me when I feed him. He holds my hand. He looks into my eyes. He knows that he is loved. My love does not have to come from my breast. I’ve finally let go of these feelings of guilt.


Mom to Mom I support you and I will never judge you!

Can we as moms all make that pledge to just support one another?
Will you make the pledge with me?

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