6 things you’re doing to sabotage your health and fitness goals

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6 things you’re doing to sabotage your health and fitness goals

So the New Year has come and gone. When January 1st hit you made a decision that this would be your best year yet. You would make those healthy changes, set some fitness goals and start living your healthiest life. But as the month went along you didn’t see the progress you were hoping for and you may fee like quitting. STOP!! DON’T DO IT!!

Take a look at this list and see if you might be sabotaging your own goals and ways to make some small changes to see big results.

1. Portion control

Have you ever thought to yourself…I’m eating all the right foods, how come I’m not losing weight? The answer may be in your portion sizes. It’s very possible to overeat on foods that we consider healthy. Bottom line…if you are taking in mnutrition-factsore calories than you’re expending then you won’t lose weight. Also, be mindful of portion sizes on food that is packaged. There is a big difference between one serving of trail mix and two servings. One serving of cereal is usually 2/3 cup. But how often do you actually measure out how much you’re eating? If you just pour that box of cereal in a bowl you may be eating a lot more than you think?

Solution: Be mindful of portion sizes. It only takes an extra few seconds to grab a measuring cup or spoon and see how much you should actually be eating. Be aware of how many servings of fruits and complex carbs you’re consuming. Grapes are great, but eating the entire bag in one sitting may not be the healthiest choice.

2. Keeping your trigger foods around the house.

Maybe your kids love those cookies or your hubby likes that Ben & Jerry’s ice cream. So you keep it in the house to keep everyone happy. But when those moments of weakness come you may cave and reach for those treats. Or maybe, you think, “I have enough self-control. I can just eat one.” It is inevitable that one turns into a whole box and then the guilt sets in.

mmm-doughnutsSolution: Ask those around you to support you in your healthier lifestyle and request that hey keep those foods out of the house. I like ice cream as much as the next person but I never buy anything larger than a pint. That is more than enough for my husband, my daughter and myself to enjoy over a couple of days. Then it is out of the house and I don’t have to worry about caving in during a moment of weakness.

3. Not drinking enough water

This one is HUGE!! Drinking water has so many health benefits including flushing the body of toxins and ridding the body of excess sodium which can actually cause weight gain through water retention. As counterintuitive as it sounds, drinking more water will in fact help you rid the body of excess water. More often than not when I have someone who is frustrated because they feel like they are doing everything right but they still aren’t seeing results I will always ask them, “how much water are you drinking?”. The answer is generally the same and it’s not enough. And the water in your coffee doesn’t count. In fact, caffeine can dehydrate you even more.water

Solution: A general rule of thumb is to drink half your bodyweight in ounces with a minimum of 60oz. For example: a 140lb person would want to be drinking at least 70 oz of water a day. I wouldn’t go over anything more than a gallon. In my competition days I would drink a gallon a day but not more. If plain water is boring to you or you just have a hard time drinking it then you can always look into infusing your water with fruit or cucumbers.

4. Eating the leftovers from your kids/families plates

I am super guilty of this one. I make a great meal for the family, portion out my serving, finish it up and then eat the last few bites off my daughter’s plate. It may seem like such an inconsequential amount of food but all those calories add up.

Solution: Eat your food, drink a big glass of water, and then decide if you are truly still hungry. At that point go back for seconds or eat your kids leftovers. But really take a moment and think if you are truly hungry or if you’re just eating it because it’s there.

5. Not being prepared for the weekend

So you have been great all week long. Your meals are on point, you get all your water in, and you pushed hard during every workout. You’re feeling great and then the weekend hits. Your friends invite you out for dinner and drinks, then you sleep in, miss your workout and the rest is history. I have had this happen more times than I am proud of. You rack up enough excess calories in 2 days to completely negate all the hard work that you’ve done during the week and now you’re back at square 1.

Solution: Have a plan. Find out where you are going out to eat and take a look at the menu beforehand. Most restaurants have a lighter version menu or ways you can change up your food to decrease the calories. Opt for a salad and veggies and roasted red potatoes instead of garlic mashed or mac n cheese. Share a dessert amongst your friends or have a drink instead. Make sure that you do not starve yourself throughout the day. Eat your healthy balanced meals, get your water in and get a workout done. The next day be sure to hydrate and eat a healthy breakfast followed by some form of exercise.

And all of this leads me to the final and biggest sabotage of all…

6. Letting one bad day or one bad meal spiral out of control

Here’s the scenario. Someone brings donuts to work on Thursday. You decide to have one. Then you think, well I already had a donut I might as well have one more. Well since you had those donuts now you go home and instead of eating what you had planned you opt for a frozen pizza. And since you had the pizza and the donuts, the day is already ruined, so you might as well have a beer. Now it’s Friday and you already messed up yesterday so why not just continue and you can start over on Monday. NO!!! Please DON’T do this!!!

Solution: Stop beating yourself up for one bad choice. Lifestyle changes, diets, workouts and anything else you want to do doesn’t have to start on a Monday. You can make a choice to start with your next meal, with the next day or even right now. Make a choice to forgive yourself for the donut or the missed workout or whatever it is that you feel guilty about and move on.

I hope that if you are struggling with your health and fitness goals that you were able to see one of the reasons why posted above. Keep at it. Don’t quit. You didn’t get to where you are in a day and you won’t reach those fitness goals in a week. But little by little, day by day, choice by choice you will get there.

I BELIEVE in you!!

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