Is December Over Yet?

For those of you who know me or who have met me through my site, you know that I am generally a positive, motivating and inspiring person. So I hope the title through you for a loop and made you think for a second. I want to always be real with you and I want you to know that I’m not perfect and that my life isn’t always roses and sunshine.

But at the same time I learned something about myself last night and I wanted to share it with you. Over the last 9 months I have really begun to look inside myself and to question a lot of things. I have also learned a lot and I have realized that the mind is a VERY powerful thing. It can be powerful in a great way or in a horrible, drag you down kind of way.

This month, I have just not felt like myself. I have tried to blame it on the pregnancy hormones, the cloudy days, the slow business, the hectic time of year, blah, blah, blah. The only thing I didn’t blame it on was me and my mind. But tonight as I was having a master mind call with some amazing leaders on my team I realized something about myself……I HATE DECEMBER!! There, I said it. Every year around this time I start to reflect on the last 12 months and I always think about how I am not where I want to be, that I’m no better off then I was a year ago, that I financially don’t have the stability I would like, my body isn’t where I want it to be, etc. I always know that there will be some family drama, people in general will be rude and overall the joy of the season just isn’t there. I can’t wait for the year to be done so that I can start fresh and new and “hope” that next year will be better?

BUT…what I never stopped to think about was what if I changed the way I think? I know, I know….here’s all that crazy mumbo jumbo. But just hear me out for a second. Why can’t I instead take a moment to think about all the amazing things that I have done this year and all the wonderful accomplishments I’ve had. What about all the great things that have happened this month? When was the last time I stopped to think about that? Why do I have to wait for January to make a change and to decide that I want to live a better life?

So here is a list of all the good things that have happened this year…
-I started up a business following my true passion for health and fitness
-I cut back my hours at work
-We just closed on a beautiful new home
-I created a website (something I never thought I would do)-We’re expecting our 2nd baby
-My mom moved closer to me and my family and is an awesome grandma
-I went to the Bahamas, not once but twice!!
-I met some amazing ladies from all across the country who make me a better person
-My husband and I have been able to go to multiple concerts
-My daughter is healthy and beautiful and smart (I have to brag just a little bit)

And that’s just what I can think of right it this second.

So, yes. I still ask, Is December Over Yet?
Not because I need a new start but because I have decided to make a new start today and I want to show others that you don’t have to wait for January. You can make a decision at any time to be better and to make a change. Why is January 1st so special? Why can’t December 22 be just as special?

So I urge you to make a change today. Right here and right now. Pick one thing. Change your mind and you can change your world!


Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!

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