Stocking your fridge for a healthy holiday season

During the holiday season it’s easy to let your fridge pile up with leftovers, sweets, and fast foods. It’s also during this time that the majority of Americans will pack on the pounds on end the year feeling sluggish and wanting to make a change. But what if you could avoid all that just by making a few changes now and stocking up on the essentials?

So…What’s in your fridge?


We all know that it’s important to stock our fridge with fresh fruits and veggies and minimally processed foods year round. However, let’s be realistic. With the craziness of the holiday season we all need to have things that are easy to grab but that will still keep us feeling great and add some great flavor to our meals. Here’s a few helpful tips to stay on track during the holiday season and end the year feeling amazing.

  1. Precut fruits and veggies. Your freezer is your friend. I know that if I buy a lot of fruits and veggies and I don’t cut them right away, that half the time they’ll go bad. I like to buy in bulk to save money and then cut everything up right away. Berries and bananas are one of my favorites to always have frozen and on hand for smoothies. Baby carrots and cucumbers are also a quick and easy snack to have on hand and to help with that craving for anything crunchy.
  2. Stock up your fridge with healthy condiments that won’t ruin your waist line. Dijon mustard, sugar free syrup, low sodium/sugar ketchup, salsa, hot sauce, etc. 12308910_10153779916798415_690980839_nI always make sure to have these things on hand. They are great to add on leftover turkey sandwiches, breakfast turkey and eggs, turkey salads, and turkey and waffles. Do you think I have a little bit of turkey leftovers in my fridge?? I think the 18lb turkey may have been a bit much but it makes for some great meals after.
  3. Keep your healthy leftovers in the front of your fridge and add in things like hummus, cottage cheese, greek yogurt, healthy cheeses, almond milk, peanut butter, and hard boiled eggs. If I move things around in my fridge I know what I have and I’m more likely to reach for it instead of something less nutritious. Just by keeping in front of my face I’ll think twice and make a better decision. 12319298_10153779916838415_1119843607_n4. And last but not least…get stuff out of your house that you don’t really like but would eat just because it’s there. For example, someone brings over some cookies for Thanksgiving. They are good and you have a couple but it wasn’t anything amazing. You know if you keep it in your house you’ll keep eating them even if you don’t really like them. It’s just better to throw them in the trash then to keep it in your house to tempt you. Give it to the neighborhood kids, other family members, even some shelters would probably be happy to take baked goods. It’s not worth it and it won’t help you stay on track.
The last 2 months of the year don’t have to be a time of gluttony and weight gain. They can be a wonderful time to spend with family and friends filled with good food and great memories. Making good decisions the rest of the month won’t take away from the beauty and magic of the season. It will just set you up for an even better New Year. And who doesn’t want to look great in that little black dress for Christmas or New Year?
Have a happy and healthy holiday season!

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