Little choices…Big results!

12179181_10153710756098415_1328075639_nI’m a busy mom. I have a 2 year old daughter. I run a business from home. I still work part time as a nurse and I teach nursing students once a week. I have every excuse in the book to eat on the go, grab what I can, and make unhealthy choices. But instead, I CHOOSE to make small decisions every day that will lead up to big results.

As I was running out of the house I knew I would be gone for a while and I knew that I would end up going through a drive thru or stopping at a gas station. So I quickly ran back in the house and grabbed a banana and string cheese. I also always make sure that I have a big bottle of water by my side.

It was such a small decision but in the grand scheme of things all those little choices will lead up to big results. Imagine if instead of grabbing a burger or fries or bag of chips, you chose to grab a piece of fruit. If you did this for 30 days how do you think you would feel? I challenge you to make a small change today. Swap out one of your snacks for something healthy. See what  difference a change can make.

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