Fixate…What do I really think?

fixateThere was so much hype about this cookbook before it came out so I of course had to try it out. I was skeptical at first and thought it might just be like any other clean eating cookbook out there. So what did I think when I finally got my hands on it…


Which really even wasn’t that many pennies. I love this cookbook. Not just because it works with the 21 day fix plan but because the recipes are actually good.

When I make these meals for my family they all love them too. I don’t have to make something separate for me so that I can stick to my plan. We can all eat together and everyone is happy. This for sure makes me a happy MOM.

12179799_10153710792438415_926853575_nThis is one of my favorite recipes from Fixate. I have made this multiple times and it is always gone by the next day. This is the Mac and Cheese with chicken and broccoli. I make the cheese sauce from scratch (which is super easy) instead of using a powdered package of cheese. My daughter eats her vegetables and I feel good that I’m giving my family a clean version of our favorite meal.

For more info on the Fixate cookbook feel free to fill out the contact form or email me at, subject FIXATE. To get your very own copy click the link below.

Happy Cooking!!

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